Making sand you can work with.


Welcome to "Sand by the Box," your leading supplier of high-quality silica sand. Nestled in South America's rich landscapes, we mine, process, and supply superior silica sand to global industries, with a particular focus on the beverage, automotive glass, and tech sectors. Our commitment to innovative logistics, competitive pricing, and sustainable practices sets us apart. We value safety, quality, and nurturing strong partnerships, enabling us to deliver our premium sand right to your doorstep with utmost care. At Sand by the Box, we believe in powering progress responsibly. Explore our offerings and see how we can fuel your success story. Our sales offices are located in the Atlanta, Georgia, with our principle mining operations in South America.


Deep pit mined sustainably mined elite quality silica sand, with third-party lab assays and analysis to verify superior quality and composition of our deposits, direct from the source, no middle-men. 


Clients may select from various particles sizes, dryness levels, and purity levels, all with options to bag, box, containerize or bulk ship any order.


Our maritime logistical advantages allow fast bulk shipments of up to 20,000T without reshipment, with 1 week shipments to most Caribbean, southern American, and Mexican ports.

We are looking for partners in the industry who are seeking joint ventures with mining operations to help leverage assets and boost margins.

Reach out to us if you need a mining partner.